Christian Quiceno

"The constant gaze on the context in which we move, acts as a projection of new signs necessary for those who always live away from passivity; That is why I refer to the active encounter with a city that breathes visual contradictions. Contrast that goes from the exquisite sculptural pieces in metal of Negret, to the interesting and fleeting expressions of the anonymous graffiti. A city of big formats in which concrete acts like a base and also provides texture. There, in the space of the big city where its giant informal galleries let us see the strong passage of time; I want to problematize the ephemeral and the format of the graffiti but also its immobility, which leads me to the idea of developing an extract of a portable city, a materialization of my ideas that remain as an anchor of identity in who exhibit this piece. For this I have decided to create a piece from elements such as silver, copper, concrete and pigments, that allows me to reinterpret the urban context."


2002 Jeweler, Jewelry Academy 1492, Cali, Colombia.
2015 International Chef., Instituto de Estudios Gastronómicos de Venezuela, San
Cristóbal, Venezuela.
2016 Photographer, Prada photography school, Maracay Venezuela.
 2003 Teacher of basic jewelry in jewelry academy 1492.
 2017-2018 Teacher in workshop of resins applied to contemporary jewelry,
Bogotá (portable art gallery, and Materia Prima school) , Medellin (De la mano
jewelry), Cali( El Cristal encantado school)
 “Orígenes” Gallery “Galería de arte portable”. Bogotá Colombia 2017
 “Joya Barcelona” Barcelona Espain, 2017.
 Exhibition of pieces in 66Mistral gallery Barcelona, Espain 2017.
 “ON FULL VOLUME” Exhibition of pieces in Cbijoux Sárl gallery, Monthey
Switzerland, in collaboration with NOT ONLY DECORATION, February
through May 2018.
 “Sin Permiso” Exhibition of pieces in “De la Mano” gallery, Medellin Colombia
 “A FLOR DE PELL” Exhibition of pieces in 66Mistral gallery, Barcelona
Espain. starting May 3rd until July the 25th of 2018.
 “HUELLA: 2nd International Exhibition of Contemporary Jewelry DE LA
MANO ”, Museum Juan del Corral Santa Fe de Antioquia, museum MAJA
Jericó Antioquia, and portable art gallery Bogotá Colombia, July through
November 2018.
 “ON FULL VOLUME” Exhibition of pieces in Gallery Alliages, in collaboration
with NOT ONLY DECORATION. Lille, Francia june 15, 2018.
 2nd latin American biennial of contemporary jewelery, exhibition of pieces in
Popular art museum Jose Hernandez , Buenos Aires, Argentina september
14, 2018.
 “explorations, portability and empiricism: a look at artistic jewelery in
Colombia” Exhibition of pieces in Museum of Costumes, Bogota, Colombia
october 2018.