Silent & Still - solo art exhibition by Artemis Valsamaki

Artemis Valsamaki chose the title "Silent and Still" for her solo exhibition to convey the atmosphere and environment in which she created her latest works. The title suggests a sense of calmness and contemplation, reflecting the artist's intention to capture a specific space-time essence in her art.

Silence is often associated with stillness and introspection, providing a space for creativity and self-exploration. While silence itself may not have a literal sound, it can be a powerful tool for generating ideas and inspiration. Valsamaki's exploration of silence through silk printing reflects her desire to delve into the depths of her unconscious mind and provoke thought through her artwork. By embracing silence, she is able to create images that challenge both herself and those who view her pieces.

Do you look like a duck but deep down you're a hawk?

Does the passive ingestion of junk food mask an emotional condition within us? A pleasure of eating food, which just momentarily feeds our empty feeling? Is Junk food an icon?

Are we pretty enough to put the photo on our mobile screensaver? Do we meet the "necessary" criteria?

As for the allegorical works of Artemis and the concept of animal instincts, these are fascinating topics that can spark introspection and reflection on our place in the world. It's always beneficial to question and explore these ideas to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our surroundings.

Agapi N. Sbokou