13th Moon

On Friday 8 March 2024 at 18.00 Agapis Jewellery & Gallery inaugurates its new location at Kolonaki, 38 Pindarou street. The event will mark the opening of the gallery and the opening of its first art exhibition “Thirteen Moons”, featuring the work of 11 renowned women famous in the field of art jewellery.

Twelve artists - Christina Brampti, Joanna Grigoriou, Dora Haralambaki, Marielena Haralabaki, Anastasia Kandaraki, Hara Karamichali, Nefeli Kariofylli, , Dimitra Papamerkouri, Lily Preve, , Giota Vogkli, Pavlina Verouki – have been tasked with crafting two pieces of jewellery, drawing inspiration from the celestial power and the influence of the Moon.

The Moon, a heterogeneous celestial entity, serves as a companion to nocturnal voyagers, a guiding light for lovers, and a navigational beacon for all creatures on our planet. Symbolically, it embodies the essence of the female gender. Devoid of inherent luminosity, the Moon relies upon the radiant energy of the Sun for illumination. Nevertheless, it possesses its own orbital motion, and its dynamic phases are mirrored in earthly phenomena such as tides and in human existence through the menstrual cycle. Feminine energy encapsulates a vitality imbued with a profound sense of spirituality, an earthly allure, intuitive cognition, and an innate wisdom inclined towards nurturing and safeguarding.

The Moon serves as a symbol of motherhood, governing the realm of instincts and the organic processes of life. It exhibits a vested interest in the fulfillment of our fundamental necessities and the comfort derived from human interaction. Additionally, the Moon embodies the dual role of both our individual maternal figure and that of Mother Earth, acting as our conduit to the natural environment. Originating from the female form, which serves as a vital link in the succession of maternal bodies entrusted with the perpetuation of life through the provision of love, care, affection, and sustenance, the Moon metaphorically embodies qualities of sensitivity, receptivity, emotion, and adaptability.

The exhibition is curated by Dora Harambaki, while Agapi Sbokou, the owner of Agapis Jewellery & Gallery, serves as its director.

Agapis Gallery marks a fresh chapter for AS Gallery, following a five-year absence from the art scene. Having established a prosperous presence in Heraklion, Crete for half a decade, it now embarks on a rejuvenated journey. Under its new name, the gallery will soon unveil its inaugural art exhibition, scheduled to run until April 19th.