"Surrealistic toys"

"Surrealistic toys" is a group exhibition by Christian Quiceno and Artemis Valsamakis. The participating artists - our designers present their work in a very original exhibition dominated by the intense color. This is precisely the element that gives "childhood" to these peculiar constructions, which you surrender in a surrealist way, because of the deeper meanings and reflections that accompany them.

In their " Surrealistic toys" has been made an attempt to create a visual narrative story to be worn. The imprinting of a different reality, of another dimension, not visible to the human eye, influenced by imagination and dreams, visible in mind, but also our subconscious. This deconstruction of obvious and common sense creates an "absurd world" or others the absolute sense of freedom of messages and meanings, the expression of spontaneous emotions and our deeper thoughts. Surrealism is trying to capture the "inconceivable" and portray it in a form of art.